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Curious and simple-minded Mongni is a little diver who can't control herself if she finds someting curious. How far does the curiosity of the teenage Mongni and her friends go? Mongni and her friends explore a world full of curiosity.


Mongni, a little diver, starts and finishes her day full of curiosity. The precocious girl Mongni is full of curiosity and extraordinary thoughts despite her cute, simple, exterior. Her curiosity and extraordinariness always cause accidents.

Sari and Haesam asre always engaged in these accidents, as well, and an octopus winds up involved, too, to his bewilderment. They are all curious about the world. Let's enter a world of interesting stories caused by being curious.

Age : 10(girl), Height : 120cm
Characteristics : A young girl with a mind filled with curiosity for the world.
What she likes : Anything that makes her curious, Sari(She considers as a pet)
What she dislikes : When Sari looks at someting else
Unique behaviors : Pickling her noise till it bleeds. Her swimming goggle occasionally fall off and causes and accident.
Concept : Curious and simple Mongni is a little diver who can't control herself if she finds something curious. Her curiosity is always causing accidents. As the main character, Mongni plays the key role in all storles.
Age : 2(Mongni's brother)
Characteristics : Thoughtless
Unique behaviors : Particularly sticks to a red cape
Concept : The golden-haired boy who engrosses the love of the family. Expressionless with all things.
Age : 5(50 years old in human years)
Characteristics : Superficial character. Thoughtless. Tries to take the easy way out.(Considers himself to be a thoughtful and well-behaved)
Concept : Very clever(in his own opinion) and cunning, but gets nothing in the end.
Age : 5(50 years old in human years)
Characteristics : Timid and romantic
Concept : Nongni is the only friend whom Haesam can rely on.
Always follows Mongni and becomes the victim of events instilgated by Mongni and Sari.
Age : 5(50 years old in human years)
Characteristics : Someone who is not interested in the ways of life.
Concept : Proud of his very versatile legs but appears uninterested in everything. Occasionally resolves accidents by talking like a person