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  • South Korea South Korea
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A baby in an Island House SOJUNGI

Name : Sojoongi(The name Sojoongi is given because she is precious.)
Age : 4 years old
Likes : She likes everything. She likes, for example, dew drops on the leaf over night, crab that passes over the sand, shooting star in the sky at night, rain drops for the edge of the roof, sparrows twittering, throbbing sound from sea shells, mother appearing from a distance, singing of bugs etc.
Dislikes : "Mom will be back"(Dislikes the home without mom)
Unique behavior : Dragging Taewak, imitating(Example : caterpillar walking, bark like the dog, walk side ways like a crab etc.)


Sojoongi spends day by day waiting for her mom who divers for a living. She is very sensitive, curious and pure. Sometimes she is odd because she is too pure. Her biggest wish is to grow up fast to become a great diver like her mom. That's why she always drag the taewak, that is almost the sme size as her.