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About Mongni

Little cute Mongni lives together with her friends on 'Mara Island' located on the Southern ocean, and lives happily while working as a tour guide for tourists who visit from time to time. Enjoy your time with Mongni at 'Mara Island', the mysterious island where strange things happen amidst the endless horizon of high sky and emerald ocean~!


Name Mongni
Characteristic Bright and cheerful little girl
Job Talkative tour guide
Hobby Happy dreaming
Distinction Always wears a black suit, arguing that it's the latest trend.

Mingni Story

'Mara Island', a place that seems full of normal and happy affairs.

Yet, Mara Island holds one mysterious secret. Mara Island is entirely engulfed with mysterious fog once a day.
When it gets foggy, all people, animals and plants on the island change strangely, and return to their original selves after the fog dissipates.
When fog swallows Mara Island, Yaro tums into the favored game character villain, while Moah turns from a little girl into a mature lady, and Bawoo tums into a flirt that winks at everyone.
Also, Mongni is empowered with a mysterious power secret to everyone.....
The adventure of Mongni and her friends to reveal the secret of Mara Island with their own special powers begins now.